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Physical therapyPhysical Treatment and Rehabilitation Unit and rehabilitation is a special treatment method applied for the improvement of congenital or acquired disabilities which significantly affect one’s quality of life or isolate one from social life. We serve you in our Private Ege Şehir Hospital Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation unit for diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal and nervous system diseases, performance of daily routine and sports activities with high performance, especially for specific treatments for congenital or acquired orthopedic problems of pediatric patients.

In the physical therapy and rehabilitation unit, the most appropriate treatment option for the diagnosis and specific condition of the patient is applied by specialists. Physical therapy and rehabilitation unit, which executes a multidisciplinary work system with other units, provides the advantages of use of lesser amount of medications and non-surgical treatment method and application of treatment by maintaining tissue integrity.

Physical Therapy Methods

Physical therapy and rehabilitation applications are performed in sessions. The treatment method to be applied and the duration and frequency of the session may vary depending on the diagnosis of the patient and the severity of the disease.

Some of the commonly used physical therapy methods are as follows:

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a physical therapy method that is applied only manually without using any device or machine. It gives quick results by manipulating the joints using the hands and putting pressure on the muscle tissues in order to eliminate the pain caused by muscle spasm, muscle tension and joint dysfunction. It is applied especially in herniated disc, lumbar hernia, neck hernia, neck straightening, joint problems, muscle rupture, frozen shoulder, elbow and wrist ailments, heel spurs, hip dislocation, and gives effective results. Since manual therapy is a person-specific treatment applied directly to the problematic area, it provides a fast and effective solution. Its success rate is very high.


Exercise applications are the most preferred method among physical therapy and rehabilitation applications. It is a treatment method in which active exercises are applied to strengthen the musculoskeletal system. The exercise program determined following physical condition analysis of the person is implemented using special exercise devices under the supervision of a physiotherapist. Exercise applications are generally used in the case of conditions that limit joint movement, paralysis and respiratory disorders.


Electrotherapy is a treatment method in which electric current at different frequencies is applied to the problem area for completely dysfunctional muscles, functional but weak muscles and pains. Electrical energy gives vitality to the application area, reduces edema and helps revitalization of the muscles. Electrotherapy applications are generally applied to treat paralysis, stroke, cerebral palsy, waist and neck hernias.

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy is generally used to accelerate circulation, increase collagen synthesis and accelerate tissue healing. Laser therapy method is often employed to treat carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, myofascial pain and various musculoskeletal diseases.

Hot Therapy – Cold Therapy

Hot therapy is generally used in the treatment of chronic diseases with its effects of reducing pain and regulating circulation. Hot therapy increases blood flow and nerve conduction velocity and helps remedy the stiffness and pain in the joints.

Cold therapy is usually applied after surgery to provide tissue healing and improve edema and muscle spasm.


Kinesiotaping treatment is applied for protection or correction with special tapes. Taping applied for protection is usually effective after injury, and correctional taping is effective in correcting postural disorders.


Hydrotherapy is a method that aims to increase joint movements and blood circulation by using the buoyancy of water, and it’s used for edema reduction and exercise. There are different application methods such as hot tub, sea water therapy and whirlpool bath.

Some of the Diseases which Physical Treatment and Rehabilitation Unit Deals With

Some of the diseases in which the unit is interested under pediatric rehabilitation

Cerebral Palsy

It is a clinical presentation that refers to a group of disorders affecting muscle movement and coordination, which occurs as a result of damage to the movement function area of the central nervous system in the pre-, peri- or postnatal periods.


Scoliosis is the most common deformity of the spine. The spine curves to the right or left or rotates around its own axis. In treatment of scoliosis, the patient’s age, location and grade of curvature, the stage of bone growth and skeletal development are very important.

Meningomyelocele (Spida Bifida)

Spina Bifida is a disease that occurs in the womb during the first month of pregnancy. This condition in which the bones that make up the baby’s spine do not cover the spinal marrow and the spinal cord and related nerves are exposed is known as split spine disease among the public.

Congenital Brachial Plexus Lesion

It is the damage of the mesh (plexus) that comes out of the vertebrae in the neck region and forms the nerves of the arm.

Torticollis (Curved Neck)

The curved neck disease in the neck muscles, which is observed due to sternomastoid tumor, shows many symptoms ranging from mild limitation of movement to extreme deformity in the head region.

In addition to pediatric rehabilitation diseases, physical therapy and rehabilitation plays a role in the treatment of diseases related to the entire motion system. Chronic pain problems, waist and neck pains, waist and neck hernia, joint problems and calcification, treatment processes of paralysis patients are within the scope of physical therapy and rehabilitation. In addition to these, osteoporosis and bone weakness, muscle diseases, rheumatic diseases, sciatica, tendinitis and soft tissue rheumatism can be treated with physical therapy methods.

Physical Treatment and Rehabilitation Unit

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