Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation has been one of the most preferred cosmetic procedures in Turkey in recent years. Hair transplantation is the process of transplanting hair follicles taken from genetically healthy areas to people with hair loss. Thanks to the new methods used in recent years, it is possible to provide a natural-looking and permanent solution to the problem of hair thinning and baldness.

At Private Ege Şehir Hospital, the hair transplantation procedure is carried out by our experienced teams with comprehensive knowledge of different methods using correct and effective hair transplantation methods and treatment options under the coordination of our Dermatology Specialist and Cosmetic, Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery specialists.

Causes of Hair Loss

Contrary to popular belief, hair loss can be observed not only in older ages but also as from adolescence. The first and most common cause of hair loss is genetic makeup. Environmental factors and stress cause hair loss. Other factors that can cause hair loss are hormonal problems, medications and various diseases. Hair loss has a negative effect on psychology. Especially when it starts at an early age, it can cause self-confidence problems. If you suffer from hair loss, the most permanent and natural solution for hair loss today is a hair transplant operation. Hair transplantation operation is preferred frequently because it’s applied in a short time and transplanted hair permanently remains for a lifetime. Another reason why hair transplantation is preferred the most is that it allows a natural and scar-free appearance to be obtained. In the rest of our article, we will give information about the hair transplantation methods preferred the most by women and men.

How Is Hair Transplantation Applied?

Hair transplantation is a method that should be planned and applied completely personally. It is applied by transplanting the healthy hair follicles taken from the patient to the area where hair loss is observed. In a hair transplant operation, it is aimed to give a natural-looking, suitable and permanent hair appearance that fits the natural hairline of the person. Before the hair transplant operation, some tests and analyzes are required. As a result of the analyses, the region, amount of healthy hair follicles to be taken and the area such follicles will be transplanted are determined. The new hairline planned to be formed and the target appearance should be determined clearly before the hair transplantation process. Local anesthesia or sedation is usually applied during the hair transplant procedure. In order to obtain effective results from hair transplantation, all procedures must be applied carefully before and after the operation.

Hair Transplantation Methods

1. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

In the FUT ( Follicular Unit Transplant) method, hair follicles are taken from the scalp as a strip and then transferred to the recipient area. Genetically healthy hair is usually taken from more resistant areas such as the nape or behind the ears. The application of the FUT technique is relatively faster since the hair follicles are taken as a strip. Each session lasts approximately 5 hours in the process, which can take up to 3-4 sessions. With the FUT technique, a serious difference can be seen in the appearance of the balding area even in a single session.

2. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

FUE Technique is also called ‘FUE harvesting’planted. Today, the most preferred hair transplant technique in our country and in the world is FUE. In the FUE hair transplant method, no incision is made in the recipient area, so there is no scar formation after the operation. In the FUE technique, the donor area where genetically healthy hair will be taken is determined first. Generally, the nape and behind the ear areas are chosen as donor areas. Hair follicles are removed one by one with special micromotor devices and their quality is increased by keeping them in a special solution. The healthy hair follicles taken are transplanted one by one in the balding area in accordance with the direction and angle of hair growth. Since the number of hairs that can be transplanted in one session is less in the FUE technique, it takes longer than the FUT technique. In the FUE technique, each session takes approximately 8 hours.

3. DHI (Hair Transplant Method using Implanter Pencil)

DHI (Implanter Pen Hair Transplantation Method) is also called direct hair transplantation. It is applied by placing the grafts collected with a medical pen called Choi on the skin without incision or opening any channel. Grafts collected from the donor region are classified individually and after the optimal angle and direction are determined for transplant, they are placed individually into the implanter pen. During the placement of hair follicles, round areas are opened without incision and grafts are placed in their place. After the hair transplantation process is completed, the scalp goes into a rapid recovery process.

4. Organic Hair transplant

One of the most important factors for the successful completion of the hair transplantation process is the quality of the transplantation area. The organic transplantation method aims to make the transplantation area ready for hair placement. Organic Hair Transplantation is performed using stem cell injection prepared from the patient’s own fatty tissue. After the stem cells are injected into the recipient site, the hair follicles that have been removed from the donor site and classified are transferred one by one to the balding area.

If you want to achieve an effective and natural looking result, you should definitely choose a hospital environment with experienced physicians and high-quality equipment. We are waiting for you at our clinic for your questions about the hair transplant operation and a free preliminary interview. Do not delay starting a day with more confidence and being happier when you look in the mirror. We wish you healthy and joyful days when you look in the mirror smiling.

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Hair Transplantation

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