Dermatology is a branch of science dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of skin, hair, nails, body inlets (such as oral mucosa) and venereal diseases (sexually transmitted diseases). It’s also called the science of skin. Dermatological diseases are very common and everyone experiences symptoms of dermatological diseases at least once in their lifetime.

Our expert team in Ege Şehir Hospital Dermatology Unit provides service in the diagnosis, examination and treatment of general dermatological conditions observed in adults and children as well as in the field of cosmetic dermatology.

Dermatology deals with over 3,000 different diseases. The most common of these diseases are:

• Acne (Acne vulgaris and acne rosacea)
• Itching (Acute, subacute and chronic prurigo)
• Eczema (Atopic, Allergic, Contact, Irritant, Seborrheic, Diaper dermatitis)
• Inflammatory diseases of the skin (Psoriasis, Lichen planus, Pemphigus, Bullous pemphigoid, Discoid Lupus
• Eritemetozus, Morphea, erythema nodosum, etc.)
• Keloid
• Behcet’s disease
• Seborrhoeic keratosis
• Actinic keratosis
• Calluses
• Allergic rashes (Drug allergies, Urticaria-hives, insect bite allergies)
• Medallion disease (Pityriasis rosea)
• Fungal infections of the skin
• Localized viral infections of the skin (Wart, Molluscum, Herpes, Shingles, Orf)
• Localized bacterial infections of the skin (Pyoderma, Folliculitis, Carbuncle, Furuncle, Cellulite)
• Parasitic infections of the skin (Lice, Scabies)
• Hair loss (general hair loss, male pattern hair loss and alopecia areata-pelade) and hair diseases
• Nail disorders (Nail fungus, shape and color disorders, ingrown nails)
• Skin cancers (squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, melanoma, mycosis fungoides)
• Color disorders of the skin (Vitiligo, sun spots, freckles, pregnancy mask)
• Sexually transmitted diseases (Syphilis, genital wart, genital herpes)
• Moles and dermoscopic follow-up
• Skin diseases during pregnancy
• Childhood viral rashes (Hand foot and mouth disease, Chickenpox, Erythema infectiosum etc.)

Our Cosmetic Dermatology Applications

Skin Care and Acne Treatment

Skin care and acne treatment is the name given to applications that cover skin cleansing and all anti-aging treatments. Due to its structure, our skin regularly produces secretions such as oil and sweat, and the skin cells that complete their task form a dead cell layer on the surface. Regular skin care is very important in terms of preventing wrinkles and deformations that occur in later years and ensuring skin cleansing. It takes about 1 month for a new skin cell to age and become a dead skin cell. Therefore, it is recommended that skin care applications should be repeated once a month.

Laser Epilation

Unwanted hair is an important esthetic problem. Non-permanent methods are likely to not only cause loss of time and financial losses but also irritate the skin. Laser epilation is the name given to the process of permanent and healthy removal of unwanted hair using laser energy. Laser hair removal is applied by damaging the stem cell that produces the hair using the high thermal energy generated by the absorption of the laser beam by the pigment called melanin in the structure of the hair.


Dermapen; It is a practical, painless, permanent and safe skin renewal method that is frequently used in the face, hair, hand and neck area to increase the collagen tissue. Dermapen application is often preferred for acne scars, large pores, sun spots, stretch marks, hair loss, removal of signs of aging and scars.


PRP treatment is a procedure used to treat wrinkles, spot formations, acne and scars and skin stretch marks, which involves separation of plasma by a special procedure from one’s own blood and re-injecting it back to the body. PRP treatment can be applied to treat skin wounds, hair loss, aches and pains and many orthopedic diseases.


Mesotherapy is the process of injecting special mixtures containing vitamins, minerals and amino acids into the middle layer of the skin, taking into account the wishes and needs of the person. Mesotherapy can be applied for many problems such as spot and sun treatment, skin stretch marks, cellulite, weight loss, skin aging and sagging, baldness, hair loss and under-eye bags.


Botox application is used in many different areas. In the area where Botox is applied, the signals that cause the muscles to contract are temporarily paralyzed. Botox can be used to remove wrinkles and lines that become prominent with aging and to treat perspiration. The effect of botox lasts for 6 months on average and shows its effect only in the area where it has been injected.

Dermal Filling

Dermal filling is a frequently used method to correct fine lines and wrinkles, eliminate signs of aging and improve cheek and lip contours. It is applied by injecting substances such as Hyaluronic Acid, Calcium Hydroxyapatite Microspheres or Poly-L Lactic Acid under the skin in areas with deep lines, wrinkles and depressions.

Spider Web Esthetics

In spider web aesthetics; a thread called PDO, which is placed in very fine needles, is immersed into the skin, these threads replace the fibers that have decreased in the sagging and loosening points, and thus the skin stretching process is applied without surgery. Threads placed under the skin are very fine and absorbed under the skin over time and are not felt under the skin.

Our Interventional Applications


Cryotherapy is used in the treatment of calluses, warts, actinic and seborrheic keratoses. Cryotherapy is also known as freezing or cold therapy, and compromised tissues are destroyed by applying cold to them. Liquid nitrogen is mostly used in the treatment.


Cauterization is used in the treatment of molluscum pendulum (moles) and warts. Cauterization is the treatment of wounds on the skin by giving low current electricity.

Intralesional Injection

Intralesional injection is a treatment method applied by injecting the medication to be used for treatment directly into the skin lesion to minimize its side effects. It is used to treat alopecia and keloid.


Curettage is recommended in cases where the root of the callus is too deep. The root of the callus can be scraped off with the curettage application.

Skin Biopsy

Skin biopsy is the process of taking a skin sample from the area with suspected disease.


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