Cosmetology Center

Cosmetology is a branch of science that develops and sets out utilization techniques of products, preparations and devices that have been prepared for application to various outer sections of the human body such as epidermis, nails, hair, lips and external genitalia, whose main aim is to clean, give fragrance to these sections, correct their look or improve or maintain body odors and keep them in a good state.

In Ege Şehir Hospital cosmetology center, dermocosmetic practices are performed by our team of experienced and expert specialists. The aim of dermocosmetic practices is to make a person feel more well-groomed and happy. Dermocosmetic procedures should be performed by specially trained dermatologists specilazing in this field. Procedures which are not performed under supervision of a specialist may lead to damages that are hard to remedy.

Some of the Procedures Performed in Cosmetology Center;

Laser Epilation

Unwanted hair is an important esthetic problem. Non-permanent methods are likely to not only cause loss of time and financial losses but also irritate the skin. Laser epilation is the name given to the process of permanent and healthy removal of unwanted hair using laser energy. Laser hair removal is applied by damaging the stem cell that produces the hair using the high thermal energy generated by the absorption of the laser beam by the pigment called melanin in the structure of the hair. For a highly efficient laser epilation, one’s skin type and structure of hair roots should be analyzed correctly to decide on the type of laser epilation. There are 3 different types of laser hair removal: Diode, Alexandrite and Nd Yag Laser.

Electrolysis Epilation

One of the methods frequently used to get rid of unwanted hair is electrolysis epilation. It’s a more successful epilation method than laser epilation for very fair, thin and white tone hairs. Electrolysis epilation is a procedure in which special needles are introduced into hair roots and weak current is applied to destroy hair roots. For an efficient electrolysis epilation, it should be applied by an expert team in a sterile environment where hygiene rules are observed.

Skin Care

Skin care is the name given to applications that cover skin cleansing and all anti-aging treatments. Due to its structure, our skin regularly produces secretions such as oil and sweat, and the skin cells that complete their task form a dead cell layer on the surface. Regular skin care is very important in terms of preventing wrinkles and deformations that occur in later years and ensuring skin cleansing. It takes about 1 month for a new skin cell to age and become a dead skin cell. Therefore, it is recommended that skin care applications should be repeated once a month. It’s importance that skin care is performed by an expert who can correctly analyze the skin structure. Selection of a wrong product and incorrect applications may lead to irreparable damages to the skin.

Spot Treatment

Spots may form on our skin for a number of reasons, including pigmentation disorders, skin rash, skin infections, sun rays and skin cancers. Although skin spots do not pose a problem for your health, they may be visually disturbing. Treatments suitable for your skin type, the cause of formation of spots and their depths are successfully applied in cosmetology centers.


Mesotherapy is the process of injecting special mixtures containing vitamins, minerals and amino acids into the middle layer of the skin, taking into account the wishes and needs of the person. Mesotherapy can be applied for many problems such as spot and sun treatment, skin stretch marks, cellulite, weight loss, skin aging and sagging, baldness, hair loss and under-eye bags.


Botox application is used in many different areas. In the area where Botox is applied, the signals that cause the muscles to contract are temporarily paralyzed. Botox can be used to remove wrinkles and lines that become prominent with aging and to treat perspiration. The effect of botox lasts for 6 months on average and shows its effect only in the area where it has been injected.

Cosmetology Center

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